Do you ever feel like you just want to give up? Do you see yourself as someone who bends and breaks under pressure? Do you constantly pass up on opportunities because the person you think you are and the limited skills you have aren’t “enough”? Hang in there – your next CrossFit training sessions are here to help.

Often times these thoughts feel so unique and personal to the individual that what they think they are experiencing is limited to their situation and life only. Trust me – we fully understand that everyone’s story is different and sometimes it just feels like the world is against you – however – you will find out over time that these trials and tribulations are part and parcel of everyday life (to varying degrees).

Empowering our athletes to take their own huge strides towards self-improvement is what we aim to provide in all of our CrossFit training sessions, The way we teach our members to manage their minds and bodies to cope with this pressure and then eventually bust through personal barriers and plateaus is paramount to overall success.

When you take the leap into CrossFit training you begin to correct your course – you point your ship towards self-belief and inner strength as your north star. Jim Rohn says it well: “Don’t wish it was easier wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom”.

To start with this philosophy is a prerequisite – your body will always follow your mind – revealing your true potential and transforming you from a meek and helpless sheep into the brave wolf.

CrossFit Training Takes You To A Higher Level Of Overall Fitness

CrossFit training is demanding – it takes a gargantuan amount of heart and willpower to push through every WOD. But with each session you are gaining experience – you are gaining muscle mass, you are becoming highly coordinated and well conditioned.

If you are currently overweight for example you might first notice positive results on the scale – and with every kg lost this creates more ammunition to get after your workouts and opportunities even harder. The same goes for new athletes chasing strength gains by crushing their previous weeks PB’s. Progress breeds more progress – and on the cycle goes.

You may encounter changes in the way clothes fit – jeans that were once snug start sagging and now require your belt be tightened a couple of extra notches. Friends and family acknowledge your definitive progress – a real world manifestation of the positive influence CrossFit training has had on your life – bolstering your resolve to continue the good fight.

Major physiological changes will be happening concurrently under the hood and you may not even notice at first. Your resting heart rate will start dropping the more athletic you become, your blood pressure will start to regulate itself to normal and healthy level and you will experience a massive increase in VO2 max resulting in a higher output at the box.

Confronting Demons In The Gym For Unexpected Daily Improvements

Hardships are inevitable – it is how you stand up to the test that makes or breaks a person. You may not think what you’ve done in your CrossFit gym extends further out beyond the box – but believe me it does.

And how does the hard work you exude at your CrossFit gym translate to tangible benefits throughout your day to day life?

Those towering sets of pedestrian stairs between The Terrace and the top of the Wellington Cable Car become effortless to climb. It takes less trips to transport your grocery haul from Chaffers New World from your driveway to the kitchen bench. Your engine blown Suzuki Swift is maneuverable to the side of the Wellington motorway without needing any assistance from a passer-by, You now also have the willpower and self awareness to handle the situation while keeping a cool head.

The demons you face while squeezing out every last rep of pullups or power cleans helps create the best version of yourself one CrossFit training program at a time. You harbor more wisdom and more skill – revealing your true potential. The ultimate project is your own life and self – level up at your CrossFit gym and you level up at life.

If You want to Go Fast, Go Alone; If You Want To Go Far, Go Together

This is a big one – most ideas are born and lost in isolation – the same can be said for progress and potential. Signing up to your local CrossFit Gym doesn’t only mean gaining a new and higher level of physical fitness – you meet like minded individuals who are just beginning or have already begun the journey you’ve found yourself on.

You may have the urge to go it alone but what happens when you hit the wall? What will spurn you to keep going? Who will motivate you in your time of weakness?

Having a community of aspiring athletes to both train and compete with/against will lead you to overall higher performance/higher PB’s and ultimately revealing more of your true potential.

Bouncing ideas off of one another, keeping pace with your team, yelling and pushing one another to keep going and pump out that next rep. Having the right friends to support your workouts could easily make or break your fitness goals. They can also have a profound effect on your overall life as you will be handshaked into new social circles otherwise unavailable to you.

Lets all get there together as a unit – we’re all gonna make it, bra.


CrossFit Training can improve your life in more ways than one – keep the faith, stay strong and remember: the pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

So are you ready to take your CrossFit training sessions to the next level? Do you need any support or encouragement in your own journey of unlocking your true potential? Get in touch with TOA CrossFit Wellington to book in a free trial – located at 6 Ebor Street, Te Aro, Wellington Central – Wellington’s Premier CrossFit Gym

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