CrossFit Beginners Course

New to CrossFit?

Want to get more out of your fitness and training? Do you want to learn new skills, get excellent coaching and achieve things you never thought you could do?


Designed to teach you all the common movements & lifts used in CrossFit, applying the right technique, the CrossFit terminology & how to prevent injuries. The CrossFit Beginners Course consists of 4 sessions and runs over the period of 1 week.

Included in course

- 4x small group training sessions (60-75min)
Monday & Wednesday 7:30pm
Friday 6:30pm & Saturday 7:00am

- 1 week of training

- A workout during each session

- Power lifts coaching

- Calisthenics and gymnastic components coaching

- Olympic lifts coaching

- Mobility and rehab knowledge

And the best part - get inducted into CrossFit with a group of like-minded individuals. So what are you waiting for . . .

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We would love you to be part of the TOA CrossFit family

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