Jonathan Mitchell

CrossFit Coach

I CrossFit because

I love the atmosphere that comes with crossfit, the uplifting feeling seeing everyone’s progress and results, also a great way to drop stress after a hard day

Certifications & experience

CrossFit level 1, Richie Patterson Weightlifting level 1 & 2

Born and raised

Born in a small town called Te Awamutu (bonus points if you know where that is without using google maps or an aid) Great little place to grow up, very friendly and so many beaches and lakes nearby

Favourite WOD and movement

My favourite WOD would have to be Murph – as hard as it is, the minute it is done it is such a great feeling. My favourite movement is the tricky Handstand Push Ups


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

*if you have a 10kg vest, wear it

Least favourite WOD/exercise

This one is easy to think of – has to be Karen which is 150 Wall balls… ouchies…which follows onto my least favourite exercise.. yea totally wall balls

Favorite food

I have an absolute major sweet tooth, I try, I say try… to stay away from it as much as possible but Whittakers chocolate is amazing and I always feel like it when working as I can smell it from the factory up the road.

What I do when I’m not CrossFitting

When i am not Crossfitting I like to take long romantic skips down the beach feeling the wind through my hair (Ok well you probably guessed – I have no hair) but I do play Mechanic from Monday – Friday 8am – 4.30pm, also enjoy having a good drink with friends and chilling out

CrossFit Hero

My Crossfit Hero has to be Rich Froning, such an amazing athlete makes everything look almost easy

Favorite quote

My favourite quote hmm…….. well its not from anyone famous but my poppa back when I was a wee pup told me something that has stayed with me.

“Do today what you would put off till tomorrow, have the courage to change and grow, and most importantly, be the person you want to be – not the person others want or expect you to be

What would you say to someone thinking about trying /starting Crossfit?

What to say what to say…….. well that question is easy. If you are thinking of starting at TOA I fully recommend you give it a go as you won’t regret it. At TOA we have a group of absolutely amazing coaches that specialise in so many different movements and areas of Crossfit and constantly vary the movements right down to the warm ups.

The focus at TOA is on the athlete  – to get the best results for you, they will push you to limits that you never knew you were capable of or even existed but you will get there. A fantastic great team and environment to be around.

I would love you to be part of the TOA CrossFit family

CrossFit Beginners Course