About TOA

Why Toa

Whether you have decided to get fit or you are already fit and looking for a new challenge – we can help! We will not only show you how to get fit and reach your full potential but we will also teach you everything you need to know about nutrition and provide you with regular measurements and knowledge to make sure you are always on track.

Physical Location

6 Ebor Street,
Te Aro
Wellington, NZ

Open Hours

Mon- Thur: 6:00am - 7:30pm
Friday: 6:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday: Rest and Recovery Day!

Student & Services Discount

Students, police, military and firefighters receive a 10% discount

Head Coach Ryan

In 2010, Head Coach Ryan was working in a Globo Gym and had just discovered the amazing benefits of CrossFit after being a results-driven coach for over 30+ years.

Coach Elitsa

Coach Elitsa became incredibly inspired by Ryans monumental knowledge and passion for health and fitness and together they decided to open a brand new facility. In August 2012 TOA CrossFit opened its doors. Dedicated to enhancing lives, educating people on key habits which lead to success, providing clear nutritional knowledge and an empowering training methodology – they knew this was going to be a community like no other.

9 years later, TOA has become an incredible community, offers the biggest variety of functional training in Wellington, and is still known as the place to get real lasting results.

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At your typical globo gym

- Rows of largely useless isolation machinery

- A staff that sees you as a number. If you’re lucky they MIGHT remember your name without looking at their computer database first

- A business model where clients aren’t expected to use the products they are purchasing

- Gawkers, socialites and selfie stars who shudder at the thought of sweating and getting some solid work done

- Nobody to push your limits

At TOA CrossFit

- Our friendly & knowledgeable staff know you on first name basis and strive to create a comfortable environment

- Expertise in tailoring workouts to yield max results

- Challenging workouts for any age group and ability

- Instruction on only the most proven, effective forms of exercise. Our model will quickly burn fat, improve strength, build cardio, develop explosiveness, agility, flexibility and co-ordination.

- A community interested in you and your results...

- Every step of your progress is celebrated by trainers and other TOA members

- LIFE CHANGING RESULTS. CrossFit is unparalleled by any program out there

So what are you waiting for . . .

Get Started