Feeling hungry? Just finished a training session at TOA CrossFit Wellington Central? On the hunt for a quick keto-friendly meal on the go?

Keto doesn’t have to be hard – there are many delicious keto-friendly options available in Wellington Central which are hiding in plain sight – all you need to do is scratch a little below the surface.

Check out our top four favorite delicious keto-friendly takeaway options below – potential saviors to your stomach and your sanity.

Zambrero Mexican Restaurant

Classic Burrito Bowl

Zambrero Mexican Restaurant may pride itself on offering nutritious, fast, fresh and delicious healthy meals, however, their approach and method is anything but rushed/quick.

Zambreros selections of meats are all marinated and slow cooked for (some) up to 18 hours making each bite juicy and tender. The fresh shredded cos lettuce provides a crunchy base for their house made red onion and tomato salsas.

Add extra grated cheese and sour cream for a velvety hit and push your salad over the top with a dollop of guacamole.

Finish up with some zesty verde and garlic sauce and squeeze over some fresh tangy lime juice. Hold out on the rice, pinto beans and corn to make this meal keto-friendly and this scrumptious Mexican burrito bowl is ready to go.

PLUS as a bonus – for every burrito bowl you purchase Zambrero puts a portion of that money towards their initiative to provide meals to those who can’t afford it – feeding the world one meal at a time #plate4plate

Zambrero Mexican Restaurant is located at 57 Courtenay Place, Te Aro, Wellington Central

Nando’s Restaurant

Flame-grilled Peri-Peri Chicken Meal

Nandos has African roots and hails from Johannesburg, South Africa – but their cult-like following has masses worldwide with diners ranging from London, England all the way to Washington, USA.

The fiery peri-peri chili is the soul of Nandos – it is this local dried chili that creates the base for most of Nando’s sauces and marinades and gives their range of barbecued meats that special char, crust and heat.

Make an order for a ¼ flame grilled peri-peri chicken (or ½ if you’re feeling super hungry), choose your heat level (lemon and herb, mild, hot or extra hot), add a garden side salad and if you’ve got any surplus carbs for day splurge out with an extra PERInaise dip.

This barbecue treat is moorish and will surely keep you on track with your keto journey.

Nando’s Restaurant is located at 120 Courtenay Place, Te Aro, Wellington Central


Low-Carborator Bacon Backfire Burger

Burger Fuel is now widely considered as New Zealand’s best burger chain – from small beginnings here in NZ they now have a far reach grilling orders in places such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Burger Fuel is self described as “fuel for the human engine” where every mouthful should be a celebration of the most beautiful things in life and this axiom is honored in every bite.

Ditch the buns for a double serving of sweet and crunchy iceberg lettuce – stacked with a healthy mix of thinly sliced red onions and sliced tomatoes.

With the hot plate fired up and smoking the free range chicken breast fillets are butterflied, cut and grilled to perfection. Stacked with tasty bacon, melted Brie cheese and drizzled with natural BurgerFuel aioli this special burger makes for some special keto experiences.

Chomp into a Low Carborator Bacon Backfire Burger today in Wellington Central with locations at Courtenay Place and Cuba Street.

BurgerFuel is located at 101 Courtenay Place, Te Aro, Wellington Central

Kilim Turkish Cafe

Mixed Turkish Salad

There is no debate: Kilim Turkish Cafe hands down offers the best Turkish food (especially kebabs) in Wellington. Their flagship store located in Petone sees customers coming from all over the region just to satisfy their cravings for Kilims authentic and delectable cuisine.

Recently they have taken a great leap and opened a new store in Manners Street Wellington Central bringing their much loved menu to the masses here in the Capital.

The mixed Turkish salad starts off at the vertical rotisserie – layers of marinated chicken, beef and lamb are stacked high and are slowly charred until ready to be eaten. The chef slices the meat straight from the rotisserie onto the hot plate where it is further grilled and then served.

Kilims mixed kebab salad is stacked high with exotic salad leaves, pickled red cabbage and thinly sliced red onions. Bringing the dish together is a mound of jajik (Turkish garlic yogurt dip) and housemade beetroot dip.

Pass on the tabbouleh and hummus to make this meal keto-friendly – and if you ask nicely they’ll swap out the hummus for more jajik upping the meals fat content and helping your body along to a state of ketosis.

This is truly one of the best eating experiences in Wellington Central – get down to Manners Street and tuck into a mixed kebab salad at Kilim today.

Kilim Turkish Cafe is located at 19 Manners Street, Te Aro, Wellington Central


So on the scale from cheeky Nandos to authentic Turkish salad where do you find yourself situated? These scrumptious keto-friendly meals will help save you time and effort in the kitchen and maybe more importantly keep your keto journey on course and your social life intact.

The next time you find yourself craving in Wellington Central you will be prepared and have these convenient and delicious meals ready at your doorstep.

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