Whether you’re just now taking the leap into the world of CrossFit and want to align your new goal of fitness with your minimalist lifestyle – or – you’re crushing every WOD week in and week out but are wanting to downsize and declutter your gym bag for a more minimalist approach – this is the minimalist CrossFit training guide for you.

As a minimalist with CrossFit and performance fitness in mind it is essential that you get the most utility out the few pieces of equipment you have. In saying this – it is our belief that each item needs to have multiple varied uses – turning your current overblown setup into a lethal Swiss Army knife of CrossFit training gear.

With savings in both space (in your gym bag, trunk of your car, in your closet) and cash money (less equipment so you’ll have more money to spend on good quality CrossFit gear) it won’t be long until your new lifestyle makes it into the mainstream – so stake your claim as one of the pioneering first.

Lets jump in!

A Towel That Performs Inside & Out Of The Gym

You’ve invested time out of your busy schedule and have made an enormous effort to reinvigorate your health – to become the best version of yourself in more ways than one.

You’ve shifted the needle in your life’s compass so let’s not get caught slipping in other areas – especially when relating to hygiene in a public setting.

Using a gym towel is important gym etiquette and is a must for anyone wanting to take their CrossFit training seriously.

For a long time in the minimalist movement the microfiber travel towel has reigned supreme as king of the towels – until recently that is. Minimalists the world over have been updating their inventory to include a new (but has technically been around forever) piece of essential CrossFit workout gear – introducing the Turkish towel.

The Turkish towel – sometimes called the Peshtamel, Hammam or Fouta towel is everything we wished the microfiber travel towel was and more.

Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton material in the world – and it is this special material that makes the Turkish towel unique and superior to others in its category.

It is the best of both worlds – light enough to pack well into gym bags or backpacks – spreading out large and luxurious to emulate that of a picnic rug with the softness of a bath towel.

Due to its lightweight and ultra absorbent materials this towel displays superior drying capabilities when comparing to gym towels and beach towels – reducing drying times by up to 60%.

Turkish towels capacity to absorb your hard earned sweat is well-balanced against their easy clean-ability and quick drying times. This is the upgrade you’ve been searching for – even if you didn’t know it yet. Get this essential piece of CrossFit gear into your rotation at the gym, at home or while out and about – Buy it. Bag it. Next.

The Drink Bottle Double Threat – Maximum Application & Space Saver

One word: Hydro Flask. Two uses: Drink Bottle and Foam Roller.

Now hear me out. If you aren’t familiar with the Hydro Flask – just know it has been the hydrated-travelers best friend for years – outperforming other water bottles in both style and features.

Hydro Flask is a sturdy double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle that keeps your drink icy cold for up to 24 hours – perfect for those hot and sweaty days smashing out your WOD.

With an extensive range of shapes, sizes, cap widths, drink lid functions and colors (yay!) you can easily find the best version for your specific application. The type and style we will focus on here is the 40oz (1,180ml) wide mouth bottle.

With a high enough capacity to last through your arduous CrossFit training session – or better yet a day out exploring the undiscovered nooks and crannies of your current city and surrounds – the Hydro Flask remains a great minimalist choice to add to your inventory.

The 40oz wide mouth version allows us to take advantage of its size, shape and sturdiness and apply it to our recovery routine – taking over resident rolling duties from the “bougie” firm foam roller lying around at your gym or at home.

The Hydro Flask is tall enough to tackle any aches or pains following from your CrossFit training sessions. Want to massage any knots or sore limbs on the go? The intense myofascial release you will experience with this piece of equipment will help you to a speedy recovery and get you back in the box ready to kill the next workout.

The best part? The Hydro Flask is honestly indestructible – and if you don’t believe me then believe the company itself who offers a lifetime warranty. An ultra high quality piece of gear Get yours today.

CrossFit Shoes Crafted For Function And Form

Sticking to the minimalist ethos when starting out is especially difficult – often requiring the strategic planning of a battle hardened war general to keep clothing and accessories in check.

As someone who travels with limited backpack and suitcase space I have to be careful with my inventory – a t-shirt here, an extra pair of pants there and the seams on my luggage begin to approach critical limits.

There was once a time and place where owning 15 pairs of shoes was a normal everyday middle of the road state of affairs. Since then I have managed to shrink my own shoe selection down considerably – by shopping intelligently and paying close attention to the look and style of potential new kicks destined for my closet.

Lets just face the fact that CrossFit training shoes are often loud (in color and shoe styling) restricting your wear options to that of training only. You may be able to get away with the occasional stroll into the grocery store or pump up at the gas station – but – there is a better way.

Take the Nike Metcon 1 Training Shoe for example. Lightweight; durable; a drop-in mid sole for flexible comfort; rubber heel for shock absorption. All features of a great CrossFit Training shoe. But here’s the secret – buy the fully blacked out colorway and your wear options instantly triple.

The black on black colorway pairs well with not only your CrossFit training gear. These Nike Metcon 1’s are well complemented with black & blue denim for a day hanging with friends. Transitioning from day to night they can also be worn with black, white or navy linen pants or chinos for a more formal setting like a hot date or work function.

Stepping out for a quick bite to eat? Grab you black trainers. Heading down to the beach for a game of football? Reach for your black trainers.

No matter the situation – if you go with a black on black colorway for your next CrossFit training shoe your wear ability options will shoot up astronomically – placing you one step closer to that ever elusive minimalism equilibrium.


So there you have it – 3 minimalist hacks you can take advantage of today to get the most out of your CrossFit workout gear. It’s time to do more with less. Declutter your space, declutter your mind.

So which piece of CrossFit training gear have you found lacking in your own setup? Are you ready to freshen up that gym bag with a new twist of minimalism? Come down and check us out at TOA CrossFit Wellington – 6 Ebor Street, Te Aro, Wellington Central – Wellington’s Premier CrossFit Gym.

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